To the Editor:

Recently, a New York politician was quoted, saying, “The events of 9/11 brought America together. The recent pandemic has torn us apart.”

A pretty accurate statement, I believe. What makes this more unfortunate is that we can no longer agree to disagree.

Friends and even families are being torn apart because of their stance on masks and vaccines.

A recent letter to KDH by a psychologist suggests that hold-outs, like me, suffer from a defiance to authority disorder. Wow!

What I really suffer from is a defiance to peer pressure disorder.

I learned a long time ago that good health is a lifestyle choice. It doesn’t come in a pharmacist’s pill bottle or a vaccine vial.

I grew up in an era when most adults smoked and drank. Watching folks coughing up a lung while trying to light another smoke kind of stuck with me.

The dangers of smoking were well known way back when I was a kid, and the information was old then. Smokers didn’t care back then. They still don’t care.

They kid themselves into believing that wearing a mask and being vaccinated will protect them from COVID-19. Even though they’ve been killing their lungs for years.

Smoking is number 3 on the list of reasons for deaths from COVID-19. Number 1 is obesity. It’s a reason that’s been downplayed by the media.

I’ve seen numerous pictures of COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Interesting thing is the majority of the patients are definitely obese.

The media would have you believe that these individuals were in perfect health. I seriously doubt it.

Now, as they lie in bed, they plead to the viewers to get vaccinated. They regret not getting vaccinated earlier.

The number 2 reason for COVID deaths is fear.

That’s right, fear. You’re so afraid of something you can’t see that you actually make yourself sick.

Last year, about 40,000 kids died. I hear some of you already. “40,000 kids died of COVID?”

I didn’t say that. I said 40,000 kids died. Only 200 of those died of COVID.

I think the odds of your child getting struck by lightning are greater than dying from COVID.

If I were a parent, I’d be more concerned about how the other 39,800 kids died!

The sad truth is that America is not very healthy.

In a recent survey, the U.S. ranked 25th out of 36 industrialized nations.

Not too impressive, considering that Americans spend more on health care than any other country in the world.

The bottom line is — you and you alone are responsible for your health. Do not think for one minute that people like me are going to take responsibility for the poor choices you’ve made.

Bill Paquette


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Wayne Jefferson

I agree 100 percent with the letter. The government is blurring the science to equate their narrative. Two of my children contracted covid and we're sick for two weeks and are now fine. They have immunities and should not have to be vaccinated.if the vaccines are safe why are many having adverse effects and no product liabilities. If a defective product harms my child I can sue them to the stone age. Most of Iceland is vaccinated and still have high rates. In some cases they are lying about the science. I spent days with my children watching movies and eating dinner with my covid positive children and didn't catch it. No masks either. Masks are only minimal protections. If you feel you need a mask you should wear gloves too otherwise it's useless.if you're sick stay home. Wear a mask if you want but dont expect me to or get vaccinated..fear is thick everywhere..god help us all


EXACTLY!! very well put.


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