To the Editor:

I hear people complaining about socialism. We can solve this.

Medicare: Pay a certain amount monthly during your work years and when you get to the age the government decides, you can get Medicare you draw it until your saved amount is used up.

Social Security: You pay a certain amount each month during your work years then when you get to the age the government says you can receive it, you can start getting a monthly check until your amount saved runs out.

Veterans: If you serve in the military, you get VA privileges on the day you are discharged for the number of years you served. If you served two years, you get two years, four years, you get four years, etc.

Jim Denton


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Of course we have examples of socialism in our government and society, which we all agree is great for us. .... I would liken it to having ice cream. A small amount of ice cream can be very tasty and even very good for you, but....if you ate a half of a gallon, or a full gallon, of ice cream, the results would not be what you desire.

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