To the Editor:

There are so many levels of grotesque horror here; it’s hard to know where to start. Perhaps, this is the most perplexing aspect of it all: In what civilized world is a 10-year-old carrying a child to full-term, not considered as being a risk to her life?


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Wayne Jefferson

This child was not raped as reported. Her mother did not want to turn him in and this event was used by the Democrats used her as a political stunt. seems like those were more concerned about murdering a baby than the health of that child. If that were my daughter is be hotter than anything for her to be used in such a manner. Life begins at conception period. Why is everyone forgetting the science these days on everything. Men can't have babies and you God given gender is still there whether you lobbed off your private part.. what is going on..


Mr. Jefferson, you are wrong.

She was raped.

And if you are so concerned about the health of the girl, then realize that she xould die from the pregnancy.

That you don't care about her mental, emotional, or physical health for the rest of her life.

If you care so much about babies that you want to FORCE on children who are raped, will you encourage your representatives to vote to fund:more medicaid, more SNAP benefits, more daycare funding, more CHIP funding?

That's not your problem, right?

How to take care of these babies that you care SO MUCH about because it's the "Christian" thing to do, forcing children to have these babies, and not give them a way to take care of them?

You might as well just throw them to the wolves.


Sir, this is a HUMAN issue, not political.

Whether the 10 year was raped by an immigrant or Santa Claus, she is *10 years old* and made pregnant against her will.

This act, alone, will scar her for life.

Having the child could have killed her.

Pro-life means pro-LIFE, not just pro-BIRTH.

If the concern is for children, she's a child.


It is also true that she was raped by an illegal immigrant. Those democrats whining about losing their ability to murder a baby are the same ones that squeak like a stuck pig if any efforts are made to stop illegal immigration

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