To the Editor:

I recently received a text message stating that Blue Bell Ice Cream was hiring people to advertise their products by having their vehicles wrapped with the Blue Bell logo.

The vehicle owner would get paid $500 a week, paid weekly, to simply drive as they normally would. They could even just park their vehicle. There was no mileage requirement.

Now, just about everyone is familiar with Blue Bell ice cream.

And now I have an opportunity to work with this fine company, and make some easy extra money? Awesome.

I answered a few simple questions and waited for a reply. While waiting, I went on YouTube to see how popular this is.

The was my first clue that this opportunity wasn’t legit.

I decided to call Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham and get to the truth.

Joe Robertson confirmed what YouTube had shared. Blue Bell and other such companies do not hire people to advertise for them because of the liability involved.

In the meantime, I got a response back saying that I was accepted. A check was on its way, which would cover the cost of the vehicle wrap and pay me for the first week.

The instructions said to deposit the check immediately, and let them know when it was done.

The check was from a heating and air conditioning company in Port Aransas, in the amount of $2,499.75. An odd amount, and odder still, what does an A/C biz have to do with advertising?

I didn’t deposit the check, but asked my bank to see if the check was good. It wasn’t. I already knew it.

I shared the story with the Killeen Police Department, and they have been investigating similar scams.

Be forewarned. Do not deposit checks like these. Somehow, criminals use checks like these as a Trojan horse to access our account.

Bill Paquette


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