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In a recent letter, “PETA official says no-kill shelters not answer to animal homelessness,” Teresa Chagrin claims that Killeen’s animal shelter faces two extreme choices: kill animals or warehouse them for months. There’s a third option: the No Kill Equation — a series of programs that include foster care, marketing, sterilization, pet retention, volunteers, and robust adoption campaigns, including being open on weekends and evenings when people are off work and families are together.


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Just look at what's happening with LA's shelters right now. Under pressure from so-called animal advocates like Winograd to go "no-kill," they've found themselves in a situation that's worse than ever. There are far too many animals for the shelters to be able to provide quality care for, workers are overworked and overwhelmed, the shelters are so packed they can't be properly cleaned and animals are sick, and the entire program is suffering. As reported in the LA Times, a worker at one LA shelter literally told a couple who had found a box of kittens to dump them back on the street. The "no-kill" shell game Does. Not. Work. And animals pay the price. That's why PETA spays and neuters tens of thousands of animals every year at little or no cost to their guardians. They also transfer the adoptable animals they take in to high-traffic open-admission shelters where they'll have a better shot at adoption than they would in an office. And they adopt out many themselves, including my perfect little guy. :-)


Even though every state is experiencing the same crisis, many organizations working to eliminate animal euthanasia use limited resources to provide temporary care, transport dogs and cats across the country, close their doors to the most vulnerable animals—those who are at risk of abuse or who are ill, injured, elderly, or aggressive—or even attack open-admission shelters, like PETA's. PETA has done so much for animals for decades, the things it was able to achieve are truly astonishing. It's sad this author feels the need to perpetuate misinformation.


Lucy you do not know what your talking about, PETA kills animals right and left. They trespass on private property to release fur bearing animals being raised. They used to enjoy throwing red paint on women with fur coats. How they avoided getting shot on the spot is beyond me. They are associated with numerous bizarre radical stunts and they are totally insane,


So sad to see these cheap, low blows thrown at an organization that does so much good for animals. PETA places animals in excellent, lifelong homes, as you can see on their website and in the video below. PETA is not a traditional shelter. They accept animals whom "no-kill" facilities often turn away because they aren’t adoptable. After seeing some of these animals, I think you’ll agree that a painless end through euthanasia is far kinder than letting them linger in pain or turning them away to suffer and die on the streets. Please watch this short video to see some of the animals PETA has helped in its community:


PETA is a bunch of insane looneytunes who should not be taken seriously on any issue

Wayne Jefferson

Or with that food shortage maybe a alternative food supply.. better than insects and would bring new meaning to dog jerky..ok I'm just kidding I love dogs but I'm not responsible enough to care for one. Most people aren't but are too stupid to know that before hand. Dogs are man's best friend but if people can kill baby's then pets are further on the list.

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