To the Editor:

It is very interesting that the Texas governor wants to sign a law that allows anyone who wants to carry a gun to do so.

Since he is putting all the rest of us into the danger, the people demand that no politicians or even courts can stop anyone from carrying a loaded gun into their offices.

You want loaded guns? Then let’s have it and see how it goes.

The truth is, politicians think they will quickly disallow anyone from carrying a gun if they are in their office, so we will just vote them out of their office and put people in that allows guns anywhere.

The fact is we should really vote the ones who approved this idiotic law out as fast as possible.

Jim Denton


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Chicago has the strictest gun laws but once again 55 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago.


This letter makes no sense. The author says that the law makes us less safe, but provides no evidence. Those of us that pushed for the law argued it makes us MORE safe and here's why: it allows LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to be on par with criminals who don't care about gun laws. Under the current gun laws, criminals know that less than 7% of Texans have a gun. That means there is a 93% chance that they will be able to target someone and will likely not have to worry about repercussions. However, under an unlicensed carry scheme, criminals will not know who is carrying and will have to determine whether the risk is worth the reward knowing that just about anyone could now be carrying legally in self-defense. Women no longer have to wait to carry in self-defense to prevent getting raped or assaulted. Others no longer have to leave their firearms in their vehicles to be stolen while they are out in public. If more guns = more crime, then the United States would be the most dangerous country in the world, but it's not. It's not even in the top half of most violent countries!! These are the facts; and these are reasons why the author is wrong.


Strange how a federal judge just called California democrat gum ban a "failed experiment".

My biggest question is why would anyone want to pass any laws that make criminals out of law abiding citizen.

Than it is very disturbing that we have political parties and politicians that choose to support gangs and violent offenders and than want to take away self defense from the rest of us.

Taking guns away is not a solution. It only helps and aids those true criminals when they are busting into your home, holding up the gas station and so on.

The boarder is wide open basically right now, and the increase in violent offenders and gang members is finding its way into small communities across our great nation.

Leave the guns alone and deal with the true problems that plague our communties.


Oh really? Tell me which of the other 29 states where constitutional carry exists did this occur? Facts really don't care about your hysterical ranting. You clearly do not know what you are talking about, and those legislators will have my vote.


What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" do you not get. Criminals and thugs are already carrying guns WITHOUT government permission, permits, background checks and proper training. Why don't you move to Chicago or New York and see how their strictest gun laws are working out for them.

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