To the Editor:

My pen has been silent for some time now. Not from a lack of topics to discuss but rather physical issues that made writing seem a little less important.

But things have changed. After about two years of being on crutches because of worn-out knees, I realized I couldn’t go through another year like this.

Back in August, I had both knees replaced, and I have quickly taken back control of my life.

Over this two-year period, I was fortunate enough to have several good friends who made sure that I wasn’t a neglected shut-in. They know how much I appreciate their help.

The real surprise was just how many complete strangers went of of their way to assist me. Young and old, male and female, black and white — it didn’t matter. Kindness was shown by all.

I’d have folks stand for 30 seconds or longer, holding the door open, while I slowly made my way, in spite of me saying, “Thanks, but you don’t have to wait on me.”

Some would get up from their tables while eating and run to get the door!

I watched as one person backed out of a parking space while leaving, then pulled back in just so they could get the door for me!

The absolute best, though, was when a little girl came into a convenience store behind me.

As I refilled my drink cup, I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She said, “Sir, I sure hope your legs get better.” I smiled and thanked her, but I was blown away! Such compassion from someone so young!

I wish to thank not only the kind-hearted individuals who helped me, but all the folks who have helped anyone dealing with physical limitations.

Bill Paquette


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