To the Editor:

An open letter to the Killeen ISD board of trustees:

I want to thank all those courageous parents, teachers, a doctor, a pastor, the NAACP, the KEA and Safe Schools for All TX,who showed up and stood up at Tuesday’s school board meeting. I hope you were listening.

I commend Trustee Brett Williams for bringing a motion to the floor requiring masks in our schools. His motion was met with total silence from the rest of the board. None of the rest of you had the guts to go on record. You were too afraid to even allow a vote on his motion! Nor did any of you move to change the dress code, when simply adding the wearing of a face mask could have been a simple solution.

Looks bad because it is bad. You are “window dressing” when the entire building is on fire. COVID-19 isn’t “suspending discussion to a later date”. It is relishing all the wasted time and ravaging through our campuses at warp speed. I don’t sleep at night. I don’t know how you or Dr. Craft sleep at night.

Picture an active shooter in a school. Now picture an active shooter in EVERY SCHOOL! Now picture that the school board had weeks of warning that this attack would take place. And you all decide to do nothing about it. Too afraid to act. Too afraid to step outside some imaginary line.

God forbid you listen to science over a political edict from Gov. Abbott. I’m so proud of Waco ISD and the other school districts who are risking his wrath. They are keeping children safe. Their actions tell us they value the lives of their students, teachers and staff. Gov. Abbott can wait. Our kids CAN’T!

You never know what the effect of prevention is. You only know the consequences of inaction.

Let that sink in, because the inaction of you school board trustees will have serious consequences. Super spreads in our schools, with children then infecting entire families, all at the exact time when our Bell County hospitals are being overrun with unvaccinated, gravely ill people regretting their silly defiance of solid science with each dying breath.

Irene Andrews


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Wayne Jefferson

Yes that's the true contagion..fear.and If masks work then wear one.your choice not mine


An excellent example of a hysterical rant.

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