To the Editor:

In addition to having chips in animal(s), owners should get a steel tag with, address, phone number and a chain collar that cannot be chewed off.

If the dog is found, one can immediately see who to contact. I have found three dogs with tags and have contacted their owners as a result.

The epidemic of lost or loose dogs in Killeen can be remedied. Copperas Cove fixes the limit of dogs at four per residence (KDH 7 MAY 2014). Killeen has no such limit (though it desperately needs it).

Other than a noise ordinance, Killeen has no fixed limits per household. As a result of dogs being unfairly released before residents move, or escaping because of owner carelessness, the Animal Control centers are being overwhelmed.

In a few cases, in the Central Texas area some dogs had to be impounded as one owner had over 140 in Fanning County. Another individual had 56 dogs. This happened with a “5 dog limit” in the Hewitt area.

In absence of a fixed limit of dogs for residents of cities where people are at close quarters, inhumane conditions that are out of control like this should not be surprising. As a result the animals’ muscles get atrophied and/or there is a stink.

If pets cannot be secured or treated well, people should not own them.

Then there is anger if Animal Control rounds them up when the animals are left to roam everywhere, bite, or join packs because of an owner’s failure to contain pets or strengthen enclosures better.

Some are crowded into close quarters and neglected. Since residents cannot or will not act, the city has to step in and fix this to better protect dogs and its citizens by establishing a limit of four dogs per household.

My former neighbor had 14 animals that made a mess out of the back yard and barked for months before any intervention.

A finding of 200 cats in a residence (KDH 18 and 19 JUN 2019) shows that pets need to be limited per household in fairness to the animals and for the purpose of human hygiene.

Paul Passamonti

retired U.S. Army major


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