To the Editor:

Inside the red brick walls of Texas prisons, humans are enduring unimaginable conditions as temperatures in their cells have been recorded to reach 150 degrees.

Every summer, incarcerated citizens suffer and even die from the heat. In the U.S., torture is still illegal.

A PSA brings awareness and support to all four initial bills filed to end these excruciating conditions by putting air conditioning in Texas prisons, (It can be seen on YouTube, under the title: Stop Burning Human Beings Alive.)

On May 13, at the very last hour, right before the stroke of midnight, the one remaining (out of four) Texas Air Conditioning Bill, HB 1971 was passed with bipartisan support to go to the Senate.

The story could easily end here, because it is up to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, to decide if the bill is heard by the Senate, according to legislative process.

This can become a true Cinderella Story and be a monumental prison reform moment if the media and society take notice of the deadly and unconstitutional conditions, and call for the lieutenant governor and members of the Legislature to pass HB 1971.

This letter is to let the general public know of these inhumane conditions and ask for help to get this bill signed into law.

There are several ways to make your voice heard. Text TXHEAT to 21333 — you will get a message and given instructions to be connected to your representative. You can also call Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick at 512-463-5342.

Melanie Davis


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