To the Editor:

I read with horror your editorial dated July 7, where you feel that curbing arbitrary disparities among national rules of taxation which you admit is detrimental to the United States and its workers is considered significant progress.

Why would you be pro anything that was detrimental to the United States or its workers?

Whose side are you on?

Craig Brown


Editor’s note: The editorial to which the writer refers states that current disparities in taxation rules and the distorted investment patterns they produce are often to the detriment of the U.S. and its workers. The global tax plan would curb those disparities.

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Can anyone say, "One World Government!" Decisions being made to "control" business taxations globally. What, prey tell, will happen to those countries who do not agree to this "Deal"? Will they be treated as the "unvaccinated" will soon be and, possibly and eventually, be forced to do so?


Anyone who advocates a global tax for the United States is an enemy of the United states and has no respect for our sovereignty. Sadly, this despicable attitude can be found in liberal democrats and our fake propaganda news media. The former can be addressed by never voting for any democrat for any office, and the latter by requiring occupational licensing to practice journalism. Now, before our news media propagandists whine "1st amendment," I agree there is a right of free speech which I support. However, there is NO constitutional right to be a journalist or any other profession. The egregious level of malpractice we see in the news media would not be tolerated for one second in our health care providers. So why do we tolerate it in our lying news media?


BRAVO don76550, The news media is the enemy of the people all the way from this local newspaper all the way to top media outlets.

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