Salado reader contends Texas legislators had a useless session

To the Editor:

To our state legislators, thank you for yet another of a dysfunctional, useless, TEXA$$ Biennial Legislative Session.

It never ceases to amaze me in my 71+ years on this planet how little is ever accomplished every two years, “For all the people”. BS!

Let us take ever more outrageous, ever increasing, “property taxes”...same old, same old — ever outrageous, increasing, “property taxes”, still here, on those just trying to live in their house. No speculation involved!

It gets more sinister on the behalf of an incompetent Legislature filled with so many, self-serving stewards of the public funds. They invite businesses to come to TEXA$$ and exploit a previous low-crime, fairly low-congested, decent enough state to live in, with an open invitation to “out-of-state business e-vultures”, among others, who seem out to change all that.

All done on the “taxpayer’s dime” by abatements, subsidies, gifts and graft, like the Enterprise Fund and other scams, shams, and flim-flam under the Capitol dome.

If there was ever a need for another TEXA$$ Revolution, property taxes could be the front-row seat, ticket!

Nice job, elected ones — for nothing! — for the average taxpayer, voter, citizen, of the Great State of “TAXES”.

As the remaining days cannot go by quickly enough to the end the current, disastrous session of a Capitol “group think”, — thanks for NOT breaking the long-standing, dismal record of production of the TEXA$$ Legislature!

T R (Tom) Pappas


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Retired people and empty nesters are mostly affected. The problem is the school tax! The last Governor that promised relief for the school tax was Democrat Ann Richards. She allowed the lotto that was would pay for the school tax what a failure. School tax should be on the users!


While I agree property tax relief has not been properly addressed, this legislature did many important things. Much of the common sense agenda was blocked by democrats.

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