To the Editor:

Those several bills (including Senate Bill 29, Senate Bill 1646, and HB 1399) under consideration in the Legislature to deny appropriate care, advice and medical treatment for minors struggling with gender identity would be a laughing matter if those bills didn’t have the potential for serious adverse mental consequences.

The major medical associations in the country are against all bills like these “transgender bills” presently being considered by the Texas legislature.

Figuratively rummaging around in a stranger’s underwear to make sure the person’s gender claim corresponds to the sex listed on the person’s birth certificate is just plain sick.

Here I thought that Republicans — and they are the major force behind these bills — stood for individual rights and small government which leaves people alone. HA!

Ben Liles


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Liles is sick


This whole situation is pretty indicative of how sick our society has become. ...Special consideration and privileges for "transgenders", same sex bathrooms, dressing rooms...allowing a male trans to compete against females?..How unfair can you get? Why do think females have a different Tee box, different events against other females only? Yet, trans proponents think that would be fine, to have biological males claiming female identity to compete against females.....absolutely crazy and ridiculous.


You appear to be a proponent of perversion



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