To the Editor:

America has a history of opposing education for Blacks. The enactment of HB 3979, which outlaws teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the White establishment carrying on their traditions. WHITE washing history.

The two state representatives and the state senator for Bell county voted for HB 3979. I guess that’s our community’s values.

How can you teach “Reconstruction” without talking about race/racism? After the Civil War freedmen started electing male Black representatives.Within a generation the election laws were “adjusted” to prevent that.

How do you not teach the “Lynch Law?” Right here in Bell County on the courthouse lawn a Black man was tortured and hanged. His body was broken and mutilated and trophy souvenirs taken.

You can’t teach the Constitution and leave out the 3/5ths compromise, and the 13th and 15th Amendments.

Are you going to leave out the American genocide of the Indigenous peopleon the “Trail of Tears” or the “Navajo Long Walk?”

How about the massacre of Cheyenne women, children and old men camped under a white flag of truce on Sand Creek, Colorado?

Then the militia mutilated their bodies and took trophy souvenirs. (I see a pattern of racism.)

We can’t leave out the Asians. We have racism for every race. There’s the “Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882” and Executive order 9066 (in 1942) for the internment of Japanese-Americans.

U.S. History, Government, and Social Studies cannot be correctly taught without addressing race and racism. It is woven into the fabric of America.

Gary Caraway


Cove reader says letter writer wrong to equate U.S. soldiers with Antifa

To the Editor:

I see what Randy Broussard is doing in his letter of May 19. He is equating the brave military that fought the Nazis with the criminals and cowards of today’s Antifa movement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While they call themselves anti-Fascists, Antifa most closely resembles the Nazi Brownshirts with their common uniform, attempt to remain anonymous and wantonly destructive behaviors.

Antifa would feel perfectly comfortable with the Brownshirts as they destroyed Jewish businesses, burned books, and trashed the homes of those who opposed them.

Antifa would feel equally comfortable with the Maoists and Bolsheviks when they destroyed their own cultures. Antifa contributes nothing to the world and is destined for the trash heap of history.

In contrast, the American military in WWII would have stood firmly against Antifa and would have hated to be associated with them. The American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines really had two main objectives — get the war over and get back to normal life. They didn’t want to destroy the American way of life; they wanted to preserve it and participate in it.

They knew that, while the American way of life was not perfect, it was the best thing going. It still is.

I dare say that America’s military today would reject the title Antifa and any association with it. There is no comparison between these brave men and women and those cowards. Any attempt to make that comparison is simply a lie.

Michael C. Phillips

Copperas Cove

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Overseer I oppose Gestapo goon squads breaking into houses without warning with guns blazing, far to often at wrong location and sometimes with warrants based on perjury. No to no knock. That is why I voted against Harris. His claim of wanting the citizens to vote on that is bogus. You either believe in police state goon squad raids on homes or you don't.


@Don - Again Don, I must surprisingly agree with you. My mind does search for the answer to this query: If you believe this then, how is it that you managed to endorse a gentleman for city council who was HEAVILY backed by the individuals and, organized group of individuals who whole-heartedly support the CRT? I do believe that not only were you tricked into “drinking their kool-aid’ but, do not yet realize, you were the sugar that made their “drink” a hilt. Now, you want to express your displeasure in the “Kool-aid” you helped get closer to possibly turning our fair city “Blue”? Another oxymoron; yet, my hope is that one day you will be able to see the light of complete facts not mingled with emotions.


Gary, CRT actually follows the Marxist model of teaching bigotry. I applaud our legislature stopping this racist indoctrination in our schools.

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