To the Editor:

Now we have an eye-witness account to the Jan. 6 panel that, if former President Trump didn’t get his way, he would throw a tantrum, slamming plates, etc. against the wall.


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Millions of young people trying to get started in life, our seniors on fixed incomes & our families struggling to make ends meet are being absolutely decimated by historically high inflation, prices of food, fuel, and practically everything else.

The left's response?

Endless saber-rattling with Russia, endless J6 trial distractions, endlessly blaming Trump and his supporters.

The left tells us that our nation's misery is worth it to preserve the "liberal world order". Shame on them.

The liberal world order can go to hades where it belongs.

Wayne Jefferson

The so-called Jan 6 investigation is a soap opera. The main suspect is a guy known as ray Epps who is seen trying to get protesters riled up and is on video directing people into the capital which no one can locate or comment on. They have video of the police opening the doors and letting the crowd inside. Just because antifa dressed in Trump shirts and patriots colors and became agitated to promote their narrative proves nothing. If you read the texts from trump he calls to protest in a peaceful non violent way. AOC even lied saying she was there when witnesses said she wasn't. My dad used to say to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. There is no defense lawyers in the investigation and why are there teleprompters for witness testimony. This a fake smear to keep Trump from running in 24..I've seen better actors on a episode of general hospital..


While you're suffering with the worst inflation in 40 years - the dumb*** Biden regime is proposing higher taxes, tons more spending, and blocking energy production in our country.

They hate you

They hate the USA.

They're evil.


If you still hate Trump after this 18 months of Biden destroying America, then I feel sorry for you because your ignorance and stupidity are boundless.

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