To the Editor:

It has been fascinating to watch as President Trump has worked to remove knowledgeable people, many President Obama’s appointees, from heading various governmental departments and replacing them with uniquely incompetent people, thus hollowing out the expertise in the government and surrounding himself with bootlickers, hand-kissers, and other toadies telling him what he wants to hear.

In the meantime Trump acts as the dispenser of knowledge — most of it wrong — on the virus. And if it weren’t so tragic, it would be humorous having Mike (Prayer-is-the-cure-for HIV Pollyanna) Pence in charge of the task force to tackle how to deal with the COVID-19 infection.

Clearly the stock market has been spooked now that the rubber has hit the road. Is it going to take another Democratic administration to clean up a third major Republican financial train wreck over the past 100 years? (The first two? Think Hoover and Bush, Jr.)

Benjamin Liles


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