To the Editor:

Do you remember listening to Paul Harvey? I do and I would really like to hear the rest of this COVID-19 story. Not just the average discussions I hear from others concerning COVID-19, which like the reporting from most news outlets, is primarily about the number of new cases, or “spikes” across the nation and the corresponding number of deaths.

Yes, the number of deaths in Bell County is only about 2-tenths of 1% and that means the chances of ourselves or someone we love, dying from this pandemic are minimal. That is great and reassuring news!

However, as these COVID-19 news stories including those about “wearing masks” and “social distancing” are discussed and reported daily, I feel they do not include “the rest of this COVID-19 story’s” associated numbers.

I feel the media and a large percentage of the population is overlooking the other very important side of those numbers and that is “the rest of the story.”

I feel we need to see reporting on: 1) the percentage of those COVID-19 cases requiring and not requiring hospitalization, 2) the average length of a COVID-19-related hospitalization, 3) the average additional length of time it will take at home to fully recover after leaving the hospital., 4) an overall average cost for those hospitalizations, 5) the personal average cost or financial burden that those who survive, are going to be responsible for paying.

I have one Q & A I’d like to share my opinion on, though, and that is, ‘What is your possible “Return On Investment” by wearing a $10 mask?’

It will vary, but look for an answer to question #5. For me, my mask is just a little peace of mind knowing I’ve added another layer of protection for those I care about.

Neal White


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