To the Editor:

Will the real Senator Cruz stand up? Cruz lied saying, “you didn’t see Republicans when we had control of the Senate try to rig the game.” He lied saying Philadelphia was “clouding the vote count in a shroud of darkness.” He lied when he said Democrats are embracing “abortion up until the moment of birth ...”

When Texas had the great freeze, Raphael Cruz flew to Cancun while hundreds of Texans froze to death. He blamed his daughter, then his wife. When discovered, Cancun Cruz quickly flew back and started handing out a few bottles of water.

Now, he is praising the Russian military while attacking the U.S. military, saying our military is being emasculated by having women in uniform which is turning our military into a “bunch of pansies.” He verbally attacks a female soldier and says that he prefers the Russians. Kremlin Cruz has quite a bit of nerve. Trump totally emasculated Cruz when he called Cruz’s wife ugly and tried to accuse Cruz’s father of being complicit in the death of JFK. However, Cruz wasted no time in kissing the ring of President Trump. Cruz is a liar, a hypocrite and an embarrassment and has done absolutely nothing for Texas except grandstand.

The Army has a saying, “Be all that you can be.” For Cruz, it is “Be all you Cancun be.”

Nancy Glasscock


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Don't really care for the slanderous false statements made against the best senator we have ever had by a disgruntled democrat. Indeed, the malevolent communist democrat party represents a clear and immediate danger to our nation


A Leftist can be identified by their hypocrisy, it is a universal truth with them, they are ALL hypocrites.


Nailed it

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