3X9 Series No. 10

Garret Hennig, left, and Brandon McQueen took first place in Tuesday’s 3X9 Series bass tournament, landing a three-fish, 16.75-pound limit just before strong storms moved into the area.

3X9 Series tournament director Dean Thompson’s phone was blowing up in advance of Tuesday night’s 3X9 Series bass fishing tournament event.

A strong cold front to our west was bearing down on Central Texas, and potential participants wanted to know if the tournament was going to be conducted as planned, postponed or canceled.

Although a severe thunderstorm watch was in place for Central Texas, Thompson made the decision to go on with the event.

Although participation was negatively impacted, with just 45 teams competing, those who turned out did get in a full three hours of fishing unscathed.

Those still present following the weigh-in were not quite so lucky. Said Thompson, “... we beat the rain fishing, but as the scales closed, we had less than a minute before the downpour. We ended up getting soaked handing out prize money.”

This week’s winning pair was Garrett Hennig and Brandon McQueen. The men amassed a catch of 16.75 pounds, including a 6.70-pound fish, to take first place and the $840 prize which accompanied it.

According to McQueen, “We caught our fish on a Carolina-rigged soft plastic on main lake points. On a channel swing we found a school feeding on the end of the point.”

Second place went to Cris and Justin Tatum. The men landed 14.24 pounds of fish, earning $280. A 7.04-pound fish anchored their sack.

Third place, and the prize for the contest’s single largest fish, went to Danny Langley and Clint Wright.

Their three-fish limit weighed 12.69 pounds with their big fish weighing 7.34 pounds.

A total of 117 fish were weighed in. The cumulative weight of those fish was 341.62 pounds, thus yielding an average per-fish weight of 2.92 pounds.

Of the 45 teams competing, 38 weighed in at least one fish.

Those interested in fishing this tournament series may contact Dean Thompson of Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle in Killeen at 254-690-3474.


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