3X9 Series July 21

Tim Rake (left) and Donnie Mathes weighed in a 17.70-pound, three-fish limit on Stillhouse Hollow Lake this week to take the victory in the March-through-September weekly bass tournament series. Their largest bass weighed 8.46 pounds.

In 3X9 Series bass tourney action Tuesday on Stillhouse Hollow Lake, 57 teams participated on an evening which was, by Texas summer standards, quite comfortable given the 10-plus degree difference in air temperature versus the previous week.

As the boats launched from the Corps of Engineers four-lane ramp adjacent to the Stillhouse Hollow Marina, the water surface temperature stood around 85 degrees.

As is often the case in short tournaments and/or tournaments with a three-fish limit, the team landing the largest fish came away the winners this week.

The team of Tim Rake and retired federal game warden Donnie Mathes led the pack this week with a total weight of 17.70 pounds, anchored by an 8.46-pound largemouth.

Mathes and Rake earned $990 for the victory.

Mathes said, “Fishing was tough where we had been fishing and we hadn’t had a bite by 9 p.m., so we tried a different place with some heavier weighted Brush Hogs and, obviously, we hit the right spot. The two big fish came on back-to-back casts.”

Taking second place was Quinten Twiggs and Ingo Smith. These men landed 14.47 pounds of fish, including a 7.96-pound largemouth, earning them $305.

Coming in third place this week was the team of Gary Riggs and Billy Spears. They placed 13.02 pounds of bass on the scales, including a 6.49-pound largemouth. They earned $215 for their efforts.

Of the 57 teams fishing, 33 placed at least one fish on the scales.

The tale of the tape looked like this: 78 fish were weighed in. Those fish weighed a total of 261.98 pound, yielding an average per-fish weight of 3.36 pounds. The average number of fish landed per team

was 1.37, and the average weight caught per team was 4.52 pounds.

Contact Dean Thompson for information on participation as a boater or nonboater at 254-690-3474.

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