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The Bingham Marine Texas staff, from left, Randi Bingham, Luke Bingham, Johnny Mabe and Robert Balades.

Bingham Marine Texas, a small, family-owned company focused on selling and servicing boats, was the dream of husband-and-wife team Josh and Randi Bingham. The company was founded in May 2016 and is located at 4505 Farm-to-Market Road 439 in Belton, near the Westcliff Park and boat ramp on Belton Lake.

On Sept. 19, Josh passed away at the age of 39 due to COVID-related complications. He left behind his wife and their school-aged son and daughter, Luke and Reese.

Since that time, I have had quite a number of clients aboard my boat who stated they were uncertain about the status of Bingham Marine since Josh’s passing. Some thought the business had closed.

Others thought Bingham Marine was now only selling boats, but not servicing them, and so on.

I knew these things to be untrue, and after hearing such things so frequently, I grew concerned for Randi and her family and employees thinking that if the uncertainty expressed by my clients was any indication of what the general public thought, this would be an unfortunate misconception with the real possibility of making things even tougher than they had already been for the family and staff there.

I decided to reach out to Randi and ask her to take on some of these wrong perceptions head-on so as so clear up any confusion as to where the business stands. The following are my questions, and Randi Bingham’s responses to them. All questions refer to the business’ current status versus its status prior to Josh Bingham’s passing:

Has Bingham Marine made any change to operating hours?

Our operating hours are still the same — 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturdays by appointment only.


Has there been any changes to the services you offer (adding or subtracting)?

We are still operating as normal. The only services we are no longer providing are non-warranty trolling motor repairs. We still have factory certified technicians. We provide Yamaha and Mercury warranty work.

What is the current lead time on boat orders? The current wait time on service?

Right now our lead time is about a week. We offer same day engine services with a scheduled appointment. Right now, we are about a week and half out on scheduled appointments.


Has there been any changes in staffing in the following areas: sales, rigging, repair, other?  If not, has staff been shuffled or reorganized in any way?

Besides the loss of Josh, we have the same remaining qualified technicians. Johnny Mabe is our service manager and head technician. He is factory certified with Yamaha, Mercury and Evinrude. He has been working on boats for over 15 years. His specialty is flooring and carpentry on boats, as well as working on any engine there is.

Josh was irreplaceable, but he only hired the best of the best and Johnny is one of them. They worked together for several years at another dealership which is where they grew to know each other.

Our second technician is Robert Balades. He is retired military and has been with us since May. He is doing a great job learning and is catching on very fast. His specialty is rigging boats.

Luke Bingham is our parts guy. He was Josh’s dad. He moved back to Texas from Wisconsin a year and half ago to come work with us. He has learned a lot over the last year and is really doing well helping customers order parts and helping our technicians get work orders together.

Then there is me, Randi Bingham — Josh’s wife and now sole owner of Bingham Marine Texas. I am a mom of two beautiful children, ages 13 and 9. I am the wife of an amazing man who was truly one of a kind in everything he did. They are my rock and the reason I’m continuing to build this legacy at Bingham Marine. We had been together since 2001. I was with Josh when he sent himself to marine mechanic’s school in Orlando. I watched and was a part of his growth and love for working on engines over the last 20 years.

Together we launched Bingham Marine Texas in 2016 as couple. I have learned a lot about engines and boats over the last 20 years. I am not as knowledgeable as Josh was, but he has taught me well. I am the lead sales lady/owner. If you are not speaking with me, you are speaking with Luke. We all work well as a team. We are a family run company, centered around Jesus.

We base our company on honesty, reliability, efficiency, affordability and friendliness. We want you to come in and feel welcome and leave knowing that you are a part of our family now. Our boat sales are competitive with other brands around, and when you purchase a boat from us, it is an experience. We take you on the water and spend a few hours going over the boat in detail.


Looking to the future, is Bingham Marine looking to go in any new or different directions versus your current status (add or delete products, add or delete services, etc.)?

Looking to the future, Bingham Marine Texas is running in the same direction. We hope to add storage in the near future. Although we are missing a huge part of the business, we want to continue to build Josh’s legacy. Bingham Marine is not going anywhere. We have been voted the best dealership in Central Texas for the past three years and we do not plan to change that. We offer service, repairs and boat sales.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the status of Bingham Marine?

We are open for business and do not plan to close our doors. Each one of our employees have families who depend on Bingham Marine Texas.

We cannot thank each and every one of you who have continued to bring your boats to us enough.

Without all of you we could not stay open. We are forever grateful for each of you! Thank you will never be enough. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

Anyone who has questions is welcome to call our offices and speak with me at 254-563-1101. I can answer any questions you may have. This was our dream together and I want to continue to build it!

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