3X9 Series No. 3

Colton Hill, left, and A.J. Settle won Thursday’s 3X9 Series at Stillhouse Hollow Lake with these three largemouth bass which weighed a cumulative 19.53 pounds. The men earned $1,100 for their victory over the 59 other teams in the weekly event.

Tuesday’s scheduled 3X9 Series bass tournament was bumped back two evenings by its organizers to Thursday due to dangerously high winds impacting Central Texas on Tuesday evening as another early spring cold front marched toward our region from the west.

That cold front arrived in the early morning hours on Wednesday, shifting winds to the northwest, dropping rain and some small hail which did little to alleviate our drought conditions.

As teams assembled at the Stillhouse Park boat ramp area, a total of 60 two-angler teams showed up to participate in the rescheduled event.

Although the cold front temporarily halted the warming of the reservoir’s surface waters, the water temperature was still several degrees warmer than during the previous week’s event, thanks to a four-day warming trend which began after sunrise on March 26. The surface temperature exceeded 60F in some locations.

This week’s three-fish winning weight was 19.53 pounds captured by teammates Colten Hill and A.J. Settle. This limit was anchored by the contest’s second-largest bass. That fish weighed 9.23 pounds and was one of two fish in the nine-pound class weighed in that evening.

The win earned Hill and Settle $1,100.

Second place went to the team of David Kipp and Canyon Carothers. The men weighed in a three-fish limit of 18.58 pounds, with their largest fish weighing 8.37 pounds. This finish earned a $380 check.

Third place was claimed by the previous week’s victors, B.J. Carothers and Thomas Wells. They landed a 17.29-pound, three-fish limit, earning $200.

The event’s single largest bass was landed by the team of Gary Meyers and Randy Hodges. That fish weighed 9.66 pounds.

Of the 60 teams, 41 weighed in at least one fish. A total of 119 fish were captured and weighed, and all of these were released alive. The collective weight of these fish was 440.88 pounds, yielding an average per-fish weight of 3.7 pounds.

Those interested in fishing this tournament series may contact Dean Thompson at Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle in Killeen at 254-690-3474.


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