3X9 Series No. 11

Justin Tatum holds the 3X9 Series bass tournament’s largest fish weighed in on Tuesday. The 7.37-pound largemouth bass helped Tatum and his partner to a third-place finish overall.

On Tuesday evening, 55 two-angler teams headed out on the waters of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. These 3X9 Series bass tournament participants were all in search of the heaviest three-fish limit they could muster.

To say that the spring of 2022 has been unusually windy would be an understatement. This week’s tournament participants endured yet another challenging evening facing high winds that make boat control and bite detection difficult.

When all was said and done, a total of 118 fish were weighed in. Those fish weighed a cumulative 322.53 pounds.

Partners David Kipp and Thomas Wells took first place this week with a three-fish limit weighing 12.28 pounds.

“The wind has been blowing hard for the past few months, and Tuesday night was no different,” Wells said. “We started out fishing deep with Carolina rigs on the edge of the grass. The bite was tough.

“We had one bite before dark, but the fish did not meet the 14-inch minimum length limit. We pulled up on our last spot at 9:15 and caught four fish on back-to-back casts on Carolina-rigged lizards using Power Tackle’s ‘The One’ 04 rods. These rods are light-weight and ultra-sensitive, which is a must to detect bites when fishing in the wind.”

Kipp backed up Wells’ statement saying, “It was a tough night ...”

The partners’ victory brought them $1,050.

Second place went to Levi Green and Perry Dixon. The pair landed 11.27 pounds of bass and earned $345.

Third place went to Cris and Justin Tatum. Their three-fish limit was anchored by the tournament’s single largest fish, which weighed 7.37 pounds. Their limit weighed 11.20 pounds and earned the pair $475.

Justin Tatum said, “I caught that big fish right before dark in about 15 feet of water on a bare spot in the grass that we could see with Humminbird 360. Caught it on a Zoom watermelon Trick Worm on a Carolina rig.”

Last week’s victors, Brandon McQueen and Garrett Hennig. finished in sixth place this week with 10.31 pounds.

Those interested in fishing this tournament series may contact Dean Thompson at Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle in Killeen, at 254-690-3474.


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