3X9 Series No. 23

Jody Berger (shown) and his partner, James Millsap, landed this 7.3-pound largemouth bass from Stillhouse Hollow Lake on Tuesday. This was the largest fish weighed in at the weekly 3X9 Series tournament on Tuesday.

After cancelling its Aug. 30 event due to severe weather, and the Sept. 6 event due to the Labor Day holiday, the 3X9 Series bass tournament resumed on Tuesday with 44 two-angler teams participating.

The water surface temperature has now come off of the summer peak and stood around 83 degrees at the start of the event. Due to lack of rainfall and runoff in the Lampasas River watershed, the reservoir continues to drop at a rate of about 0.05 feet per day. Stillhouse Hollow Lake currently stands at 8.93 feet low.

Once again, the father-and-son team of Cris and Justin Tatum took first place — a status the two have become quite accustomed to occupying this season.

The Tatum’s three-fish limit weighed 11.89 pounds and earned the men a $920 payout. Their largest fish weighed 5.24 pounds.

“It was a grind," Justin Tatum reported. "Between the lake being low and the fishing pressure, (it) has made them more difficult to catch. We have had to resort to dropping line size and going to finesse tactics to get a few bites.”

Second place was awarded to Garrett Hennig and Brandon McQueen. Their 11.63-pound, three-fish limit earned them $280. Their largest bass tipped the scales at 5.94 pounds.

Third place went to Danny Langley and Clint Wright. Their 10.89-pound sack earned them $190.

The contest’s largest largemouth bass was landed by the team of James Millsap and Jody Berger. 

According to Millsap, “(We) only had two bites all night. (The largest bass) was caught on the edge of matted grass on a creature bait after dark.”

The men took home a check for $220 for that accomplishment. The outsized bass weighed 7.3 pounds.

In all, 54 fish were weighed in. Fifteen of the 44 teams landed a full three-fish limit. The cumulative weight of those 53 fish was 150.32 pounds, thus yielding an average per-fish weight of 2.84 pounds.

Those interested in fishing this tournament series may contact Dean Thompson at Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle in Killeen at 254-690-3474.


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