Windy and rainy weather conditions put a little damper on attendance for the three-day Killeen Rodeo but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those that attended. 

“The crowds were really enthusiastic,” said Cassandra Loter, of Granbury, who worked at the rodeo. “The people are always nice at this rodeo. The military personnel attend, they bring their families and you can tell that they really enjoy themselves.”

Loter was in charge of youth pony rides.

“Again, because of the rain, the crowds weren’t that big but those kids that were here really enjoyed themselves,” she said. “The kids also really seemed to enjoy the ‘calf scramble,’ where they get to chase the calves around.”

Zach Sillivant, also of Granbury, worked at the Killeen Rodeo, which concluded on Saturday.

“We had special events which honored the military on Thursday night and everyone seemed to especially enjoy those,” he said.

Loter said the crowd responded enthusiastically to the bull-riding event.

“Like most rodeos, people here enjoy watching that competition,” Loter said. “I guess people enjoy it so much because there is always an element of danger to it.”

A clown, as is customary to rodeos, kept the crowd entertained.

“People were rolling over in laughter at the clown here in Killeen,” Loter


Staff Sgt. Timothy Reichenback, of Killeen, and his wife, Sgt. 1st Class Shavonna Reichenbach, attended with their three children.

“Our kids love the rodeos because of the animals,” Timothy said.

“We were previously stationed in Arizona,” Shavonna said.

“They held the rodeo there on the base. It was a lot of college kids competing and it was a lot of fun.

“The most important thing to the rodeos is how much fun the kids have. Our daughter is 14 now and she’s been going to the rodeo since she was 9. She loves the barrel racing the most — the horses are always fun to watch.”

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