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Amira - Meadows Elementary

"Thank you for buying the newspapers for our class. We read the mini page to learn many things like punctuation, money, space, fire safety, presidents and citizens. We love the newspapers. We read, write and report the articles so we can be better speakers. It is coming from your heart. I like the newspaper because of the movie and T.V. characters. You are nice. You care about others before you. My favorite part was the mini page and the activities and the articles. I wish I grow up to be like you. You rock. Sincerely, Amira"

Meadows Elementary

Kennedy - Meadows Elementary

"Thank you for donating money so we can read the newspaper in class. We love to take it home and I love it! I love it! And I love it! Your friend, Kennedy."

Meadows Elementary

Stephen - Meadows Elementary

"Thank you for donating money so we can read the newspaper in class! We read the mini page every Tuesday and we take it for homework so we can read articles and we love it very much! Your friend, Stephen"

Meadows Elementary

Kathie Thomison - Killeen High School

"I wanted to thank you so much for delivering our papers to us. They have been very helpful in the classroom. Students have used them to complete current events assignments as well as looking for jobs in the classifieds."

Kathie Thomison

Killeen High School

Keisha Davis - Iduma Elementary

"I am so grateful for the weekly KDH newspapers my class receives each week. They have been a valuable teaching tool and resource for my students. Since Iduma Elementary is an IB school, our students have to learn and take action in our Exhibition project this year. Each week, my students research the action others have taken and the impact of these actions on our community, nation, and world by reading the articles in the newspaper. I have also used the newspaper for math and science lessons. Thank you so much for sponsoring us with the Killeen Daily Herald. The 5th Graders in Mrs. K. Davis' class truly appreciate it!"

Keisha Davis

Iduma Elementary

Mrs. Michele Granados - Shoemaker High School

"This is the first year that I have incorporated the newspaper in my business classroom. I wasn't sure how well it would work, but am glad that I took the opportunity. I teach business and wanted the students to write a current event article on business in the real world. The books get old and outdated on what is really happening in the real world of business. It is an eye opener. I also like the articles in the Job Finder section of the Thursday paper. It gives the students great information on all areas of job finding and skills needed. I also wanted the students to spend time reading the newspaper and seeing what is going on in the world. Sometimes students get so wrapped up in their world that they don't know what is going on around them. I have to keep the students focused on writing their business article summary before reading the rest of the newspaper. The students love looking at other events going on and what is happening in sports as well. It is my way of getting business out to them and helping them for TAKS in reading, summarizing, and writing skills. Thanks to you and your sponsors for making this happen."

Mrs. Michele Granados

Shoemaker High School

Debbie Ruhl - Venable Village Elementary

"We share the newspaper within our grade level. We use it to discuss the different parts to the paper, what an editorial page means, classifieds, headlines, captions etc... Also we use it to find parts of speech, or take one section and dissect it for language arts. This makes it more interesting than using our Language Art Books all the time. Lately we have been using the paper for money and shopping for Thanksgiving dinners or shopping in general. We also have used the classifieds to do character traits in our novel reading and find a job that fits the personality of a character in our book. Also we use the paper for current events and vocabulary building. The students love getting "their own" paper and always want to take it home to finish reading it. Thank you so much for this wonderful program."

Debbie Ruhl

Venable Village Elementary, 3rd Grade Cluster

Ms. Diaz - Richard E. Cavazos Elementary School

"I am a Kindergarten teacher at Richard E. Cavazos. I use the newspaper to read and discuss the topics in the mini page. Then I let the students read them on Tuesdays during quiet reading time. If there is an activity for them to do, then they do it or they find and circle all the high frequency words that are on the word wall. After we have used them, the students take them home. It is an important resource that I use to teach my Kindergarteners a variety of skills. I also keep one to laminate and put them in reading center for the students, as another type of reading material. I'm thankful for this resource."

Ms. Diaz

Richard E. Cavazos Elementary School, Kindergarten Teacher

Nancy Abernathy - Live Oak Ridge Middle School

"I teach Reading in the Content Area, a dyslexia intervention class, to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Live Oak Ridge Middle School. I receive the Killeen Daily Herald on Wednesdays for use in my classroom .My students and I really appreciate the donation from our sponsor. We use the newspaper in various ways. I have students find and circle examples of the concepts which we are studying at the time such as: consonant digraphs and closed syllables. I read an article to them and have them retell it in their own words. I have them choose an article, read it, and then write a short summary, or orally present a summary. I pass the sales ads to some of the math teachers which they use for real-world problem-solving. Some of my students choose a newspaper from the shelf when it is time for free-reading after they have completed their work. We do not waste the paper. When we have gotten as much use from them as we can, they are passed on to the art teacher who uses them for various projects such as papier mache and to cover the tables during projects."

Nancy Abernathy

Live Oak Ridge Middle School

Renae Devers - Eastern Hills Middle School

"In history class, we use the newspapers to relate real life to our history studies. We use the papers to prove things in our system of government. We prove individual freedoms that our government says we have. When we find things that relate to the things we study, we cut them out and are able to discuss such things in class from year to year. We really enjoy being able to receive the papers. Students always remember the activities we do with them. Thank you very much for allowing us to receive them each week."

Renae Devers

Eastern Hills Middle School, 7th grade history

Rochelle Lugo - Skipcha Elementary School

"My students and I use the newspapers provided by the Killeen Daily Herald to provide additional instruction on finding the main idea of paragraphs, author's purpose, matching article titles to articles, and various other reading skills. We also use the weather page to work on math skills such as place value, comparing numbers, finding sums and differences, Social Studies skills on locations in the US and why they have that particular weather in that region (science)."

Rochelle Lugo

Skipcha Elementary School

Tim Potts - Haynes School High

"I am currently teaching US History, Government, Geography, and Sociology. In my US History class the students use the headlines and stories in many ways. These include comparing past events with events today, and gathering stories on the history of Killeen, Bell County, Texas and the United States. In Government, we have been using the paper to track legislation, political viewpoints, the study of political cartoons, and editorials. In Geography, we use the paper to find stories about the different areas of the world we are studying and use the stories in application of history and the Geographical Themes of different areas of the world. I believe that the paper helps me to enhance the learning of students and make the courses more relevant to their lives. Thank you again for supplying us with the papers."

Tim Potts

Haynes School High

Carlene Foster - Duncan Elementary

"I have received the newspapers for several years now. My students look forward to receiving their own copy of the mini page. Many have seen their work published. In Reading, the newspaper is used to summarize a story. We look for proper nouns, how to form a letter, when and how to use the correct editing marks. In Science, they love to chart the weather. Make comparisons between other states weather patterns. The comic section has been very useful in helping them with their creative writing. My students and I would like to thank the sponsors and the newspaper for their generosity in our getting these papers once a week."

Carlene Foster

Duncan Elementary, Second Grade

Wendy A. Lewis - Reeces Creek Elementary

"Receiving the Killeen Daily Herald newspapers has been such a blessing this year! This is my first year receiving them, and I’ve seen many benefits. The children are always excited when Tuesdays roll around, and they receive their papers. I’ve given them time to just browse through them in the classroom, but sometimes they simply carry them home to read. The parents are always grateful to receive the news, too! As a teacher, I look for ways to use the papers in my instruction. They are especially helpful in the areas of Reading and Language Arts. The current events give us local news to study for Social Studies. In 4th grade, my students are very curious about events happening locally, and they like to compare these to national and global events. To improve reading comprehension, students read an article, after which I ask comprehension questions. When studying parts of speech, I ask students to use a highlighter to identify all of the adverbs or verbs found. The Killeen Daily Herald offers excellent examples of fine writing. 4th-grade students in Texas take the Writing TAKS test for the first time, and seeing impressive, authentic writing is invaluable! I am very pleased and satisfied with the Newspapers in Schools program this 2009/10 school year!"

Wendy A. Lewis

Reeces Creek Elementary, 4th grade

Sheila Banks - Pershing Park Elementary School

"I am a first grade teacher at Pershing Park Elementary. We have been fortunate to receive newspapers this school year every Tuesday. During this holiday season I am especially grateful to you and your sponsors. As my first graders are learning to read, the newspapers are an important part of our weekly lessons. My students love newspaper day. It is an exciting time in our classroom. Some of my students had never read a newspaper. They are learning the sections of the paper and how to look for needed information. We make weather predictions and they love it when they predictions match the forecasted weather in the newspaper. The newspaper is so beneficial as they deepen their understanding of print. The Killeen Daily Herald has made a terrific difference in the education of my students. Thank you for your generosity and kindness in assisting me to educate our future. I believe that first grade is the foundation of learning. The newspapers are an incredible addition to that process. I appreciate each and every sponsor for being a part of a wonderful journey. Thank you for being a part of our success. Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again so very much for your contribution."

Sheila Banks

Pershing Park Elementary School

The NIE Impact: Improve Student Test Scores

In a recent study of 22 cities across the country, schools applying the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program in their classrooms were compared with those who did not. Local or state reading tests were used as the measure. In all cities the results were the same, creating a strong case in support of the value of NIE.

For all students ,there was a 10% increase in test scores for those who participated in the NIE program compared to those who did not.

In all cases the test scores were directly related to the intensity of use of NIE materials in the classroom: The higher the use of newspapers, the higher the test scores.

In all cases the greatest increase was gained by middle school students.

In schools with a large low-income and/or non-English speaking percentage of students, the increase in test scores for the newspaper group was as much as 29%.

With your support, we are able to provide newspapers to teachers in Killeen, Harker Heights, Fort Hood,Temple, Belton, Gatesville, Lampasas, and Salado.

Businesses: By supporting teachers who use Newspapers in Education (NIE), you are not only helping to promote literacy you have the opportunity to appear on our thank you advertisements in The Killeen Daily Herald 24 times per year.

With a circulation of 23,000 Daily, and 26,000 on Sundays, your logo will surely be noticed.

You can help provide copies of The Killeen Daily Herald by making a donation today.

Simply choose an amount and mail your check today.

Platinum: $1,000+ Gold: $500-$999
Bronze: $225-$499 Partner: $40-$224
Sponsor: $1-$39  

Mail to:
The Killeen Daily Herald
Attn:// Newspapers in Education
P.O. Box 1300
Killeen, TX 76540


To become a sponsor, please contact:

The Killeen Daily Herald
Attn:// Newspapers in Education
P.O. Box 1300
Killeen, TX 76540

Or you can instantly become a sponsor. Click Here

Lisa Byrd - Charles Patterson Middle School

"My students and I greatly appreciate the donations that make it possible for us to receive the Killeen Daily Herald each week. I receive the Sunday newspaper because as a math teacher, I can use the sales ads to give my lessons a real world application. I use them to teach fractions, decimals, percents. I even used real estate ads to teach my students about interest! The students in my activity period thoroughly enjoy the newspapers as well. We use them to read on DEAR Day (Drop Everything And Read). Activity period is a short period before lunch, so instead of only reading bits of a novel at a time, we read newspaper articles from the Killeen Daily Herald. Students can choose articles that interest them, and we share out at the end of the period. We use the newspaper on other days to learn about current events, sports, or even to create posters. It is so important for students at the middle school level to learn about the world outside of school. Your newspaper serves as that window for my students! Thanks again."

Lisa Byrd

Charles Patterson Middle School

Charles P. - Middle School student

"I use newspapers by reading them and doing the activities in the newspapers. I like having them because of the jumbos, crossword puzzles, diagramless, cryptic, and the sudukos. It helps me learn because of the crossword puzzles. I learn stuff from it. I also learn what’s happening everywhere because the newspaper never leaves anything out."

Charles Patterson Middle School student

What's the cost?

Under the program, the Killeen Daily Herald provides the newspapers at a reduced rate, 13 cents per copy/minimum 10 copies per delivery to schools for use in their classrooms.

What else funds NIE?

Besides generous donations from community members, NIE holds fundraising events year-round. To see how you can get involved with a Newspapers in Education funding program or event. CLICK HERE

Why use NIE?

  • Newspapers are an adult medium. Students enjoy a feeling of importance when working with the newspaper.
  • Newspapers bridge the gap between the classroom and the "real" world outside. Motivation for reading and discussion is built in.
  • Newspapers contain something for every student--comics, sports, editorials, advice columns, and much more!
  • Newspapers provide the only up-to-date text available in print
  • Newspapers contain history as it happens

Mission Statement

The objective of The Killeen Daily Herald's NIE program is to partner with leading businesses, organizations and people to help students in our community learn the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in life.

What is NIE?

Newspapers in Education (NIE) is an exciting program that engages students in learning by providing them with access to The Killeen Daily Herald. NIE is a worldwide effort in which school textbooks and teaching materials are supplemented with the local newspaper.

At no cost to participating teachers, The Killeen Daily Herald’s NIE program provides copies of the print edition, access to KDHNews eEdition, 24/7, plus the opportunity for students to enter rewarding contests.

NIE allows students, from kindergarten through 12th grade, to learn core academic skills as well as make the connection between the classroom learning environment and real-life applications.

Thank you to the many individuals, corporate partners and organizations for supporting our program and making NIE possible.


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