Catherine Hosman

Dear Readers,

According to recent government statistics, two out of three people in this country are overweight or obese. Some may have had a fitness routine when they were younger, but as the years passed, adult responsibilities took over, or illness set in and exercise fell by the wayside. Today people are once again looking at the benefits of healthy, clean eating and working out just for the health of it. But how can you begin again after the age of 40, 50, 60, or beyond.

This month the writers of Tex Appeal had the privilege of speaking to many health and fitness professionals. If there is one idea they all share, it’s that it’s never too late to begin a fitness routine or eating well—no matter what your age. And the best part is that you don’t need to join a gym or hire a personal trainer or spend half your paycheck at an organic grocery store. You can find ways to exercise on your own and shop organic at your discretion. Although not all neighborhood grocery stores stock the healthier alternatives, many do offer their customers a choice when it comes to natural alternatives to conventional food.

When it comes to what we should put in our bodies, Dr. Samuel Agyeman, nutritional health coach at Natural Grocers in Temple, knows how our bodies work on the cellular level. He is an advocate of the Paleo diet, but understands the needs of all people trying to eat well in our fast-food society. Read about Dr. Agyeman’s tips on How to Stock a Healthy Pantry, pg. 41.

Along the same line of thought is nutritionist Janelle Dietze, owner of Apple a Day. Dietze first became interested in nutrition when someone close to her died from complications of obesity. She decided she wanted to help people and now counsels clients on proper nutrition, pg. 36.

Hungry but on the go and don’t want to drive through that fast food restaurant? Stop in and say hello to Ms. Faye of Phase Organic Café. She shares her recipe for homemade veggie burgers with us on pg. 16.

Finding time to work out can be difficult. Ike Shaw, owner of Titan Total Training, wants to make it easy for his clients and opens his gym at 5 a.m. Shaw and his crew of personal trainers work with clients of all ages and welcome the 50- or 60-year-olds who are ready get back into shape, pg. 29.

Meet your neighbor Monica Sobotka, of Belton. An award winning power lifter, she also coordinates Women in the Outdoors and owns her own custom drapery business, pg. 14; and Karen Matous, a personal trainer who knows how to work with clients of a certain age and helps people get back into peak condition, pg. 57.

When you need a break from all this good living, take a short drive to the historic Georgetown Square and enjoy museums, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants and coffee shops, pg. 61.

Whatever you decide to do — start walking a couple of times a week, take that beginning yoga class you’ve been promising yourself, or start eating healthier — make 2015 your year of change, no matter how small. Send me your stories of change to the address below or post it to our Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy new year!

Catherine Hosman

Tex Appeal Editor


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