John Craft, superintendent, after February raise: $310,000

James Manley, assistant superintendent: $151,723

Taina Maya, new KISD marketing, information officer, $136,800

Megan Bradley, chief financial officer: $134,882

Susan Buckley, executive director of secondary schools: $134,469

Jo-lynette Crayton, executive dir. of elementary schools: $126,234

Stephen Cook, chief human resources officer: $125,417

Janice Peronto, executive director of special education: $123,980

Larry Brazzil, high school principal: $123,392

David Dominguez, high school principal: $122,267

Kara Trevino, high school principal: $117,725

Micah Wells, high school principal: $115,375

Steven Hudson, executive director of elementary: $114,855

Alvin Hugg, executive director of athletics: $114,185

Adam Rich, executive director of facilities: $112,514

Liodolee Garcia, middle school principal: $111,841

Richard Searcy, high school CAC and head football coach: $110,300

Nancy Duran, career center: $109,535

Jacqueline Pilkey, director of special education: $108,457

Jerry Edwards, high school CAC and head football coach: $108,300

Sandra Forsythe, executive director of student services: $108,120

Teresa Daugherty, dir. of assessment and accountability: $107,973

Carolyn Dugger, elementary principal: $107,694

Thomas Colvin, director of facilities: $106,776

John Dye, director of security: $106,596

Steven Wright, high school CAC and head football coach: $106,044

Tina Cole, director of employee relations: $105,043

Karen Herrera, director of fine arts: $104,888

Penny Batts, elementary principal: $104,814

Linda Butler, elementary principal: $103,905

Toby Foreman, high school CAC and head football coach: $103,617

Dagmar Harris, dir. of secondary curriculum/instruction: $102,283

Mike Quinn, middle school principal: $102,011

Jennifer Washington, director of student hearings: $101,164

Paula Lawrason, middle school principal: $101,043

Cindy Oppermann, director of information systems: $100,878

Maureen Adams, elementary principal: $100,843

Matthew Widacki, middle school principal: $100,836

City of Killeen

Ronald Olson, city manager: $225,000

Kathryn Davis, city attorney: $160,865

Charles Kimble, police chief: $146,148

David Ellison, assistant city manager: $140,473

Jonathan Locke, finance director: $137,719

Rafeek Shanaa, executive director planning/development: $135,762

Danielle Singh, director of public work: $129,776

Wilfred Resto, IT director: $122,964

Brian Brank, fire chief: $122,964

Traci Briggs, deputy city attorney: $121,215

Joseph Brown, director of recreation: $120,553

Leslie Hinkle, director of community development: $120,553

Holli Clements, deputy city attorney-public works: $116,509

Hilary Shine, communications director: $115,872

Tony McIlwain, assistant director of planning/development: $114,225

Kristina Ramirez, director of environmental services: $111,985

Matthew Van Valkenburgh, director of aviation: $111,372

Margaret Young, assistant police chief: $110,911

Mark Kimball, presiding municipal judge: $110,105

Jeffery Reynolds, assistant director of public works: $105,526

Cody Simmons, assistant chief of fire: $105,411

Eva Bark, director of human resources: $104,948

Steven Kana, director of water and sewer: $103,457

Earl Abbott, building official: $101,986

Jerris Mapes, assistant city attorney-police: $101,986

Deanna Frazee, director of library services: $101,986

James Chism, deputy fire chief: $100,904

(Note: Not all of the above salaries are solely funded by the General Fund. Most are funded by both the general and enterprise funds.)


Sam Listi, city manager: $159,135

Gene Ellis, assistant city manager/police chief: $135,809

Brandon Bozon, director of finance: $110,793

Bruce Pritchard, fire chief: $104,522


Ryan Haverlah, new city manager, new pay in July, $155,000


David Mitchell, city manager, $146,023

Patricia Brunson, assistant city manager, $138,627

Alberta Barrett, finance director, $135,456

Mark Hyde, public works director, $123,559

Phillip Gadd, chief of police, $123,000

Paul Sims, fire chief, $115,005

Gerald Bark, director of public relations, $114,758


No city employee makes $100,000 or more.

city of LAMPASAS

Finley deGraffenreid, city manager: $130,000

city of FLORENCE

No employees make $100,000 or more.

city of Waco

Wiley Stem, city manager: $229,690

Jennifer Richie, city attorney: $190,550

Deidra Emerson, assistant city manager: $185,400

Bradley Ford, assistant city manager: $185,400

Todd Bertka, director of convention center: $146,000

Amy Burlarley-Hyland, asst. director of PW, ENG and CIP: $144,168

Janice Andrews, chief financial officer: $140,555

Bobby Tatum, fire chief: $140,039

Ryan Holt, police chief: $140,039

James Brown, director of information technology: $138,985

Charles Dowdell, executive director of special projects: $135,960

Lisa Tyer, director of utilities: $135,960

Melett Harrison, exe. director of economic development: $132,500

Charles Leist, director of utilities: $131,062

Brenda Gray, director of public health: $125,000

John Patterson, assistant city attorney: $124,822

Missie Pustejovsky, director of human resources: $122,570

Randall Childers, chief building official: $119,235

Herbert Blomquist, asst. director of public works operations:$118,877

Johnny Binder, assistant zoo director: $118,288

Clint Peters, director of planning: $118,288

Jonathan Cook, events and promotions coordinator: $118,288

Kelly Holecek, director of general services: $118,288

Galen Price, director of housing: $118,288

Eric Gallt, traffic engineering manager: $116,001

Frank Gentsch, assistant police chief: $115,583

Robert Lanning, assistant police chief: $115,583

Curtis Caldwell, project engineer: $115,414

Russell Hill, director of finance: $115,360

Steven Martin, deputy city engineer: $113,652

Mark Norcross, assistant police chief: $113,316

Justin Alderete, assistant director of finance: $113,300

Christopher Taylor, municipal court judge: $112,209

Byron Johnson, director of Texas Ranger Hall: $110,478

Larry Holze, director of municipal information: $109,873

Esther Day, director of library services: $106,429

Glenn Nesmith, utilities plant operations manager: $106,000

Jacob Holden, senior engineer: $105,088

Christie Acosta, assistant director of information: $103,968

Judith Benton, senior assistant city attorney: $102,906

Joel Martinez, director of aviation: $102,647

Thomas Dahl, city engineer: $102,522


Susan Kincannon, superintendent: $215,000

Robert Muller, deputy superintendent: $145,042

Jennifer Land, chief financial officer: $127,178

Deanna Lovesmith, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction: $120,713

Todd Schiller, assistant superintendent of human resources: $117,766

Jill Ross, Belton High School principal: $110,178

Michael Morgan, athletic director: $106,041

Michael Nielsen, executive director of technology: $101,980


Dr. Joseph Burns, superintendent: $178,000

Jack Alvarez, CCISD athletic director and head coach: $125,000

Dr. Patricia Remissong, deputy superintendent for instructional services: $120,000

Richard Kirkpatrick, deputy superintendent for operations and support: $118,557

Barbara Tate, chief of staff: $106,098

Miguel Timarky, Copperas Cove High School principal: $104,017


Paul Michalewicz, superintendent: $127,500


Dr. Chane Rascoe, superintendent: $154,200

Shane Jones, chief financial officer: $108,760


Michael Novotny, superintendent: $153,627

Burt Smith, assistant superintendent: $110,277


Robert Ott, superintendent: $212,000

Joe Palmer, assistant superintendent of human resources: $129,300

Gary Boyd, asst. superintendent of finance and operations: $124,500

Eric Haugeberg, asst. superintendent of student services: $119,700

Lisa Adams, asst. superintendent of curriculum/instruction: $114,900

Scott Stewart, director of athletics: $110,850

Jason Mayo, principal: $107,550

Kallen Vaden, chief financial officer: $105,000

NOTE: Salaries that were provided with cents were rounded to the nearest dollar.

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