You are the same guy who wrote a letter in support of Trump and Cruz. What a hypocrite. Or is it only racist if it is only some one you do not support.

I agree with you but what I am wondering where is the support of those two from the usual supporters? The republicans have consistently voted against support of the military.[wink]

The board cares nothing for the staff of KISD! Remember at election time!

Catnip commented on Child shot in Killeen

Where are the gun huggers? Stupid people should not be allowed to have guns. Another 2 year old? I just don't get why these things happen.

I do not understand how you can say that KISD is to blame for the misbehavior of students. Sometimes caring about a child includes discipline. You seem to think that to discipline is a bad thing. Students who assault other students need to learn that putting hands on others will result in a …