https://www.ccisd.com/radio Joe Lombardi and Russ Cochran do the play-by-play.

Someone must have heard you, Charlie. https://www.ccisd.com/radio

Many inaccuracies in this article, but that is not the KDH's fault. I know of many who have paid their bills on time - days before they were due - and had their water cut off. This company is simply inept. It seriously makes you wonder if a city official or two was bribed to sign this con…

Well said, Don. This writer is the spouse of former Gatesville City Attorney, Sandy Gately. I say "former" because Gatesville fired her recently. Online reviews of her as an attorney show she is about worthless, as I imagine this writer's journalism career is.

Incredible. The hiring standards of this city must put a priority on having a pulse and nothing else.

1998 state semis against Alief Elsik. Cove was the number 1 ranked HS team in the country after having won the prestigious Santa Barbara (California) Tournament earlier in the season. They defeated 4 higher ranked teams in the tournament to be voted #1. Against Alief Elsik they had a 9 po…

Well done.

Kaepernick converted to Islam. He's no Christian.

My, oh my. He did all that? Then write your congressman and have him initiate an investigation. But like you said, it ain't Benghazi so nobody really cares.