Just ordered your book on amazon. Thank goodness it comes on kindle! I am looking forward to diving in and getting the knowledge that I really need. Thank you.

That's a lot of jobs lost all in one fell swoop.

Slow news day? Looks like this should have been down with the letters to the editor not up in the local news section.

Just from reading and seeing the pictures the Herald has printed over the last few days this "tent city" is about one step away from fire or disease breaking out. I am surprised that the insurance company for the shelter hasn't said anything.

Peeing and pooping on the ground is a health hazard and against the law. Doing your business in the alleyway spreads all kinds of disease. I understand they are homeless but they're being homeless is not an excuse to spread disease.

Maybe the city should just put a firm on retainer, work a good deal might be cheaper.

Why are the two boys being returned to the home where they were abused? Why is the police Sgt testifying for the stepmom and the father since she has been indicted? That seems kinda hinky to me. From reading the articles about this case something seems off.

Public Works road dept. THANK YOU! It will be nice to drive and watch for kids without constantly remembering what the speed is.

This is wrong. So very wrong. Many things I'd like to say but it wouldn't be allowed.

Unfortunately I am not surprised that the city council behaved and the way they did. I've been here almost 9 years and it's always the same no matter who is on the city council. I am sure for the first year that money will go where it's supposed to. I am also sure after that that the siphoni…