Unfortunately I am not surprised that the city council behaved and the way they did. I've been here almost 9 years and it's always the same no matter who is on the city council. I am sure for the first year that money will go where it's supposed to. I am also sure after that that the siphoni…

Okay, so who bribed the Allstate guy? [beam][whistling]

Well I don't see why our city council won't give hop the money; it's only about $500,000 and they just gave the airport $5,000,000. Making sure people can do their shopping, go to the doctor and go to work, church and visit family and friends is more important.

We need a new bus company.

I still don't understand why none of the adults could any of the girls out? I know fires are scary I have through 2 of them. Different places and years but I didn't leave till all were out.

2nd time in two days this Judge LePak has gone with deferred prosecution. So the police do their jobs and the D.A. does theirs and this "judge" thinks his job is to let them all go.

140 citywide projects that total at present $188 million. Sounds like the city council's eyes are bigger than the city's piggy bank. Looks like it's time to prioritize the most important, needs vital and oldest on the list. Saw a news story this weekend where Ft. Worth Texas is paying the ho…

If the airport can not stay in the black on it's own then maybe it should just shut their doors. Why should the general taxpayer pay to subsidize it. Seems to me that the city is having enough trouble paying their bills without adding the airport's bills too.

I read this article and looked at the picture and all I saw was a bunch of white men who apparently think they are Native Americans. I personally found it offensive. It looks like a bunch of rich white men taking from another culture for their club.

And at this late date my vote still hasn't changed. I will still vote NO on Saturday. Ya know, maybe the schools would be doing much better if we weren't paying that superintendent so much money. Just think of all the teachers that could get a raise or Killeen could buy some new updated supp…