"Harker Heights does not have a hired lobbyist in Austin, but city officials have been working with area legislators"

Image that...local officials working with state officials directly instead of paying $100,000 a year for no results.

There are some very easy places to start cuts. Stop putting money into the GKCC and KEDC until they can be effective. Cut all of the vehicle allowances. Stop paying the Schleuter Group for "consulting". Stop paying for all other external consulting without specific, itemized approv…

Keep putting commercial and residential zoning together. It seems to be working out so well.

It is,now the staff's job to sit down with developers in advance to get land sold and get plans made? And then the staff can't share those plans with the council? Hmmm...

Biggest problem with that is they won't be able to continue to afford it. Especially with new hires. KISD knows it too.

Let's start by removing vehicle allotments for city employees. If a person is getting paid over $100,000 a year (no matter how it is divided in the budget) they should be able to afford their own vehicle and do what everyone else is expected to do and write off their business miles at the en…

Counts them in their lair? Early voting for the bond was held at the KISD administration building.

Agreed. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that KISD is a Chamber "investor" and the supeeindendant is a Board member for the Chamber.

You have made a bit of a misrepresentation or two.

First, the ISD has built 12 new campuses without any NEW bond funds. Most of those campuses were built using the bond funds from 2002.

Second, you are trying to compare the salary of the KISD superintendent to those in district…

More money that could have been spent on education, students, and the classroom wasted. But...the district *needs* money.