This is so sad. This animal looks like he is not even aware of what planet he's standing on. He should have been put away in a nice, quiet, dark room long ago.

So sad that another child has to miss out on a potentially great life because yet another person feels the need to own a dog breed that is KNOWN for being loose cannons and dangerous. Pit bull lovers: Like it or not your animals can't be trusted. Are they the only dangerous breed? No, bu…

"One striking brunette, her apparel a fashion tour de force of dyed silk, jewels and sequins, declined to give her real name. “I teach in the Killeen ISD,” she said. “Someone will recognize me.”"

If it's an art form and nothing to be ashamed about, why withhold your name?

yup... The teapublicans don't compromise and they blame it on the president. Last time I looked he wasn't a dictator.

No. Republicans need to get out of women's wombs.

corgifan commented on Blue Eyed Dreamer

Oh so pretty and cute!!!
Bet she's a delight to be around!

Strangelove, the next time you go to the doctor, drive your car, open a computer program, go to a financial adviser, read a book, you can thank all the dumb former American students who made it possible.

Parents who feel the same way as this poster, PLEASE home school your kids. Please.