I agree. The geniuses at TxDot and Cove's council need to wake up and get this road expanded. It was built wrong from the get-go. After being opened for a couple had to be shut down for repairs due to shoddy workmanship and lousy materials.

Half the problem with this bypass is that it is not 2 lanes in each direction. A good portion of it is one lane. It was built wrong from the start. And a couple of years after finally opening they had to close it down for repairs due to shoddy workmanship and materials.

Now maybe these libtard journalists will start acting like journalists should.

This has happened in some neighboring counties in the past decade or so - Williamson County and Lampasas County, but not in the absurd range of increases these people are experiencing. It seriously makes you wonder if this appraisal district is totally inept or just plain crooked. And it b…

With all this road construction here is what you have to look forward to six months from now: Christmas, yes Christmas, in Killeen. Such a joyous time of the year when one can go shopping and sit in traffic due to year-round half a$$ road construction. The singing of Christmas carols as t…

But, of course, they're busting their butts.

What a wasted article. Must have taken someone all of ten seconds to compose this.

In other words, the defense will again be terrible.

It absolutely incredible that Bell County has trying to pull this. Are they broke? These judges and commissioners lining their pockets and have to make up big shortages? If school districts can sue about school funding, then these property owners should be able to file a class action laws…

"Let'em Go" Trudo must have asked Claudia Brown's opinion about what sentence she should impose.