If none of those things you mentioned are in the restrictions, then of course people can use water in those cases. Nothing will become of making coffee or ice tea, cooking food, giving water to pets or taking care of personal hygiene because None of that is mentioned in retrictions. The last…

Good job, Black Meg 43! So, when are you hiring next? :)

If these are for conferences, the hotels are usually large chain hotels that can accomodate hundreds for meetings, and have hundreds of rooms. Expensive. While it would be nice to go the 'cheap' route and stay somewhere like Motel 6, even in the nationa's capital places like that are expensive.

They use this $$ to go to conferences, especially ones in Washington DC. These are nationwide conferences, most of them are for Federal Impact Aid related events. If people realized how MUCH Federal funding we could stand to lose from our district (and will lose in upcoming year), this $47K …

So where in Cove are these? Nice to know, but addresses/locations would have been even better.

So has anyone found out who this man is tht died? It's been almost 5 days after the accident and no more about this.