"Sewell’s chain of command worked closely with her and her family to help facilitate her safe return to Fort Hood Monday afternoon." What???? So, the Army negotiated the terms of her return? This is ridiculous, she should have been charged for being AWOL.

“"I almost fell over when I read it,” said Ron Lavin, co-owner of the Eagles. “It’s been a long frustrating journey for people on a lot of fronts far more serious than hockey, but we’re just really pleased." Ron is only concerned about how much money he is making.

Manny, or Emmanuel as we knew him from Grace Christian Center, did not mention Killeen at all but that's OK. We hope he does well.

Emanuel or "Manny" used to sing at Grace Christian center. Congratulations!

Thank you for your service SgtMaj.

The family spokesman said that this was justified?? The article said he was being bullied so how does that justify bringing a gun to school. This kid should be charged with attempted murder.

I'm sorry but the DNA says he is a man not a woman.

Why aren't people more responsible? There is no excuse for someone getting pregnant. If you have health care birth control is cheap or cost nothing at all. Another option is the morning after pill. If you cannot afford the other 2 options free clinics pass out condoms like it's candy. I a…

As I have said over and over, a positive male influence in the home makes a world of difference.

I would be curious about how many of these young "gangstas" come from a home with a positive male influence.