Even Lenin stated there is no difference between socialism and communism. It is an opponent of freedom. There is no successful communist country. The present Democrat party is the party of infanticide, hatred of Jews, destruction of our borders and the party that promotes every perversion…

He had legitimate reason to believe he was a victim of a home invasion and in my opinion acted in legitimate self defense.

The democrat opposition to border security is nothing less than treason

Agree with VHopinslll. My wallet never goes where my gun is not welcome

People like this, who make a career of minding other people's business rather than their own, we can do without. I don't need an arrogant busybody telling me what I need.

Richerson will be a part of the tax problem, not a solution to it. Buckley will be a solution

Seems like Richerson will

She has every reason to lie. She is a far left wing activist opposed to the president, and like most Marxist democrats will say and do anything to accomplish her political goals. She should be charged with perjury.

I know Brad Buckley. This article is utter garbage. Typical liberal loon lies and I suspect also propaganda from liberal Republican RINOs who are still stunned their favorite RINO lost the primary. Cosper lost for good reason, his misrepresentation on the property tax issue and his patent…

In other words, we should all share your reverence for perversion. Don't think so.