Only the delusional left wing snowflakes have this opinion. Real Americans support the president

"Clouds PBS?" Don't you mean the Trump budget wants to eliminate wasteful government spending? There is no reason our tax dollars should go to PBS, that is not a government function. I applaud the Trump budget and am contemptuous of the misleading fake news headlines the news me…

In the interest of full disclosure, the Killeen daily herald should admit that to them, a "special interest" is any interest or issue they disagree with. American citizens have an absolute right to be active in politics and contribute to candidates of their choice. Lets try to av…

I would be happy to provide you with some marksmanship lessons. A burglar in a body bag commits no more felonies.

So if you oppose perversion you are a racist? How about if you disagree with a liberal loon on anything is that racist too? You really are a psychotic loon. Don't think Jesus promoted acceptance of perversion. Believe the word he used is abomination.

Obama's agenda was to destroy American. He is a far left zealot. You clearly make a case of why we need school vouchers.

Typical knee jerk whine from a democrat eager to cry racist if somebody disagrees with him. Since Claudia Brown is not a black man, she is a woman you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Naturally, all the pro drug abuse democrats voted against this measure

On the other hand, promoting perversion is bad for our children. I support the bathroom bill

Exactly correct. Also both are arrogant and contemptuous of our bill of rights and both are left wing loons unfit for any office