Dr Strangelove

It would help to know where this happened? Bell County or NYC?

“The planting of a live oak tree…” Whew! I’m glad they didn’t plant a dead oak tree? To think some of these people been to college?

Prayers to the family.

I hope you’re not spewing that leftwing propaganda to the students at school?

I guess that question was over your head; let me X-PLANE it to you. “What stupid people voted that idiot into office?” [angry]

Obama is the worst heck he makes Jimmy Carter look good. Have you noticed the press doesn’t talk about that 13 million more people are on welfare since Barry took office? How in the heck did Brown get elected?

Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery as jbtsr posted get educated. These scam cameras are all about the money the city can rake in. Anyone votes to keep these scam cameras vote them out of office.

Another thing the MSM is not telling us. The people that are in charge of this March (Protest) support Sharia Law. I’ve been to Saudi—Trust me we don’t want it here. If you’re a Pro-Life woman you’re not allowed. These Groups were paid by George Soros 246 Million Dollars to spew their Anti-A…

@Yogi Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery!