Is the city still paying for the large amounts of hard liquor, as the time Morrison charged thousands to his cg. card,
To be reimbursed by city .
You have to look at all expenses.

Is the city still paying for the large amounts of Hard Morrison

What an incompetent bunch that's been working for the city and has been running the city and working for the city and running the city .

But then again ,some seem to know what they were doing when it came to the missing Millions taken from the Tax Payers.



I agree, there has to be something that she is protecting, not for the betterment of the city but, for the betterment of individuals who have a stake and, or involvement in bringing it to where it is right now. How do I know...or believe I know. I do not recall any meeting with the …

@ In the following days, Police Chief Dennis Baldwin lobbied council members about its merits. Baldwin declined to say who asked him to talk to council members individually, deferring that question to interim City Manager Ann Farris.---------

Ours in the United States is suppose …

Listen People---The Killeen Daily Herald and the Reporter who has laid out the case above in a Super Manner, is showing you and all KILLEEN'S TAX PAYERS, (the one's s who are out the TAX PAYERS LOOT that was stolen, ) what has happened .
Now all you have to do is INSIST that your Counci…

@ “We’ve got to come up with a solution,” Segarra said----

What you do when its been discovered ,there have been people hired to do a job such as in an election ,or hired through city gov. but has screwed things up so badly that its costing the Tax Payers Millions of dollars ,Is if the…

@ The Herald asked Baldwin if interim City Manager Ann Farris asked him to talk to council members, and Baldwin deferred questions to Farris.-----


What more then the above sentence does a tax paying citizen need then to know, There needs to be a investigation as soon as po…