Car drivers who hit motorcyclists by turning into them need to loose their license for a while.

The cost of water to residents has gone through the roof during her tenure. Bye,Bye!

Hey Ron, why not ask Hillary how she made $100,000 out of a $1,000 investment
in cattle futures? Then afterward, she must of lost it all during the Clinton presidency. I remember them saying they were flat broke after the Clinton term. There was something reported too about the Whit…

Hope the motorcyclist recovers. He will never be as well as he
once was. I agree with Hacksaw's opinion, that the driver will contend
that they did not see the motorcycle... even when motorcyclists drive with
their headlight ON. The state needs to have stiffer penalties for…

I am old school. Go laugh at that. We were not permitted to leave the school during lunch break.
What's wrong with that? If they are a risk (danger) to themselves or others, keep them in a controlled environment at school for lunch. I have seen students walking in a school zone, li…

I am sorry to hear of this young man's life getting snuffed
out. The driver should be prosecuted.
I agree with Heights Teacher comment. Personally, I have 30 plus
years riding a motorcycle safely including safety courses.
After a military career,
I moved here. On…


Maybe karma will have one crashing down on you. I speak to the topic,
except this instance when as you do, go and comment about others' opinion.

I would be more concerned with the health effects from the purging of excess fuel
from aircraft while in flight before they land.

So in the future, this "child's" record will be es-ponged because she is underage.
I would like to know what punishment(s) she does incur...maybe "reform school".
Everyone who pays auto insurance will be paying more in insurance
premiums for antics like th…

Its about safety.