looks like the murder rate will going up

i guess it's ok to molested children beat your wife,be A child beater, munder someone, be a drunk and still be a scout leader but having served your country four twenty years honorable & being a former Boy scout who been a atheist since befor i when into the army in 1965 This makes me a …

This Guy Can Be A Boy Scout Leader But Atheiat can't This guy shows outstanding leadership for beating up his wife and should be a Scout Master

more guns would't stop it either


you think one person would make a different if she had her gun she would be hiding like she was do you think a soldier can just pick up his weapon and kill someone
your more scare & looking fof a pace to hide then firing back

Mentally Ill People Don't Kill People Mentally Ill People With Assault Weopons Kill People We Should All Thanks The NRA For Making These Weopons Avaliable to Them.

did you ever think that these guns are got from NRA member that did't secure there gun s or sold guns to these people

why does crime with guns keep going up every year if all thest brave people from the NRA is out there protecting you when they keep putting more guns on the streets to be stolen since there member can't stop from selling them to non consealed handgun people. and keep saying it up to the p…

right now china oows the US in a few years we will be a part of china