Killeen must have sunken lower than I thought if bringing a woman of ill repute is the savior of the city. Kind of like the days when Rio Airlines put on extra flights on GI payday weekends to bring "ladies" in from Dallas. What a disgrace!

Never miss an opportunity to portray motorcycle riders in a bad light. The riders "ripped through the gate"? Hardly.
The only ripping in this story was done by whoever wrote it. They need to get a good one of their own.

"There was no imminent danger to the community," Miramontez said.

If that's the case why did you disrupt the lives of so many people?

Doesn't say much for the volunteers if their primary focus was to get credit for their court mandated "community service". Guess just cleaning up where you "stays" is not as important as it used to be.

Yeah that new Killeen office is just like Walmart. What good does it do to have 12 checkout lanes when you only open two of them.
If you think the wait is long now just wait till this "Sunset Commission" closes the other offices around the area. 9 offices in the immediate area …

The City of Killeen should be held liable for all court fees and attorney fees in this case. They should also be held liable for any lost wages they may have been forfeited if this victim had to miss work because of their incompetence!

Yesterday, identities were withheld.
Today suspect named.
No surprises here!

Once again the city council completely disregards the citizens and tables an item for a later date because they're too timid to make a decision. They're all for spending money they don't have to build something they don't need and they're all too stupid to understand it's NOT FREE MONEY!!! T…

How can that be?
No Armored Cars?
No Explosives on the doors?
Say it ain't so!
Either KPD is showing a gentler side or KDH is luring us to sleep with more softening of fake news. Which is it?

They weren't all in the West bound lanes when I passed through town. I saw them with vehicles pulled over on both sides of the highway.
About time some traffic enforcement took place on that highway!
I'd like to see them out there more often!