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Imagine how much better this article would have been had it actually informed the public (taxpayers) of what actually happened instead of just the reaction of a bunch of politically correct administrators.

Is there some kind of agenda being enacted from this story? These shocking words of alarm shouted about lead in the air but then, oh wait, we don't really have any details. If you want information you need to contact some government bureaucrat in Austin. WTH?
The on…

Once again gutless politicians hell bent on spending money they can't afford to spend get their way and the taxpayers be damned.

The key point, here, is this is not a school; it's a day care center. If you want to throw your hands in the air and worry yourself about alcohol sales, just wait until the new grocery store being built next door on the adjacent property is completed. Bet they sell alcohol too!
But to ca…

Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization
Funny how I don't see Copperas Cove's name in that title. Yet those people, who don't live here, don't do business here, and don't drive through our town want to redesign something they had nothing to do with building in the first place. …

Another jerk judge giving aid and comfort to another jerk judge. She's had over a year for her lawyers to prepare her case and suddenly they need more time?
Her term of office will be expired before they ever get around to removing her. They must all be fish salesmen because this case st…

Killeen must have sunken lower than I thought if bringing a woman of ill repute is the savior of the city. Kind of like the days when Rio Airlines put on extra flights on GI payday weekends to bring "ladies" in from Dallas. What a disgrace!

Never miss an opportunity to portray motorcycle riders in a bad light. The riders "ripped through the gate"? Hardly.
The only ripping in this story was done by whoever wrote it. They need to get a good one of their own.

"There was no imminent danger to the community," Miramontez said.

If that's the case why did you disrupt the lives of so many people?