What a frigging savage! She'll never be anything but a parasite on society. We can only hope she'll find the error of her ways through her interactions with Matilda and Gertrud in prison!

Definitely sounds like the "good old boy" network is alive and well at the Bell County DA's office!

Brag all you want but you'll never match the days, when Rio Airlines, put on extra flights in and out of Skylark Field, to bring prostitutes from Dallas to Killeen on Fort Hood's payday weekends.

Guess the Chamber of Commerce kinda puts a crimp on those kinds of comparisons.

You dopers are going to be in for a few surprises. Proposition A did not "decriminalize" anything. Possession of marijuana is still illegal. All this proposition does is prohibit Killeen Police Department from doing their job.

Get pulled over by Bell County Sheriff Deputies, Constab…

Sounds like they've read the Joe Biden handbook on public service.

Kind of reminds me of grandpa taking us out to the pasture to see the bull servicing the herd.

Total abuse of authority to shut down this highway for over 6 hours because of a pedestrian / vehicle accident. Who ever was in charge of this accident scene ought to be fired!

No excuse for the only roadway transiting the entire Centroplex area to be backed up, like it was, for tha…

My comment about the city of Killeen's meteorological cowardice was unfair to the city. They were not in charge of the parade. But to the people responsible, read the first comment! It still applies!

I hope the meteorological cowardice demonstrated by the City of Killeen is not indicative of the new modern military's ability to function during inclement weather.

I was under the impression that's why they make umbrellas and rain coats.

Guess that's what we get when our gove…

Being the democRat run city its become, why would you expect police to answer a call for help?

It shouldn't be up to the tax paying property owner to have to turn his property into Fort Knox to protect the tenants.

The headline of this article screams volumes! "Alleged Assault…

Of course I'm sure there was never a quorum during this trip where city business was discussed without proper notification to Killeen residents as required under the open meetings act???