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On the contrary, red light cameras do indeed reduce traffic violations and accidents at intersections. While approaching the intersection at WS Young and 190 the light turned amber with time for me to come to a stop. Many drivers with less ability would have gunned it and ran the amber lig…

From Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute website:
A series of IIHS studies in different communities found that red light violations are reduced significantly with cameras. Institute studies in Oxnard, Calif., and Fairfax, Va., reported reductions in red lig…

I disagree. President Obama was a fine president who was only restrained from doing the public's business by over-zealous conservatives.

I agree with you completely. But the republicans made their bed. Let them lie in it for a few years.

I disagree with you, and I won't resort to name calling to do so.

As a lay person I understand your confusion on this subject. There are absolutely no teachers unions permitted to function in Texas. There are Associations. Associations are organizations of people with a common interest or purpose. A union is also made up of people with common interests…

Ah, let the name calling begin! And I'll take a rear collision over getting T-boned ANY day of the week.

The cameras are and have been a deterrent to running red lights. This will enable terrible drivers who only care about themselves and nothing about the safety of others.

According to KXXV news, the HHPD has determined that the boy's story was false. He was late to school.

No sir, Texas didn't steal your vote. The electoral college just happens to be the system used to elect the president. Also, don't get discouraged by the name calling of the conservatives. It seems that that is all they're good for these days. Including their president.