Heights Teacher

Regarding a White History Month, I recall a comic strip called "The Family Circus". In one, the child says to the mother "There's a Father's Day and there's a Mother's Day, so why isn't there a Kid's Day?" Mother replies to her child, "Sweetheart, EVERY day is Kid's Day."

I stopped bringing my good, playful, gentle dog to the Purser Park dog park months ago. Far too many irresponsible, selfish owners bringing their overly aggressive "bully" dogs (usually pits) and ignoring it when their "misunderstood babies" aggress and/or attack the nice dogs who are jus…

Looking forward to your silence when your fascist house leadership stonewalls the military budget.

FreshAir, could you please create a list of things on this planet which were created by a god and not created by a god? (To include the planet itself, I suppose.)

I hope discussions about improving Warriors Path begin soon. Nolan Middle School students enjoy the safety of a beautifully build roadway and sidewalk running in front of and just north and south of the campus, but when that roadway (and sidewalks) end students are forced to walk on the n…

Against the bible or not, Abbott's actions were especially cruel even for him.

Why are so many obsessed with the sky falling around here? Cloudy with a chance of Progressives!

It wasn't always this way. Unfortunately, demographic panic levels are going to continue rising as minorities become majorities.

Although and agnostic myself, I find the words of Mr. Townsend to ring true. Very well written. 76550's response, on the other hand, is shallow and vindictive. I would imagine that the son of the deity 76550 worships would not be pleased with his interpretations.

Having been a lifelong disdainer of recreational weed I an certainly not up in arms about the city's decision. Pot stinks, and there are plenty of other legal ways for people so inclined to self-medicate or just plain relax. Drivers are distracted enough without passing around a blunt whi…