Hill51 commented on Predator impact on wild game

Predator's are also hard on livestock .We had a chicken house cleaned out by a bobcat. You could see where he had drug the chickens to a tree where he stacked them and cover them with leaves and dirt. We set a trap near the pile of chickens and was able to get him when he returned to feed.

I like a stand off the ground for deer and must admit I'm spoiled because the heater is a must along with hooks to hang my many objects that are a must.

Hill51 commented on Options in deer feeding

We feed corn from a feeder the main problem now the hogs find it almost as soon as the deer .The feeder and stand are still a good match for me since I don;t get around as easy as I once did.

This group provides a great service to people another great service I have used is Hospice Care it is a great source of comfort.

Good thoughts Feeders aren't any different than hunting on a oat field as I see it.

It's sometimes hard to tell if you should shoot but I must admit I see a larger number of large antlers.