Mrs. Teel did not say anything about taxing non-profits. She talked about pilot programs. Pilot ( Payment in Lieu of taxes) that legal have non-profits that own large amounts of land give back some of the monies they do not pay into the system back to the city. Please look it up. Thank yo…

I want to talk about why my tax payer dollars are being used to host events at church, when there is Places that an event like this can be held. It is a violation and is unconstitutional when there are places that can hold an event like this. There is Lions Club, The community center, cit…

Where's the link to the video.

I agree. How many tax payers couldn't even afford to go out to dinner or get their meds after this BOND and now KISD is rubbing the tax payers noses in it. So sad when elderly and disabled vets have to go with out so KISD can spend spend spend.

[beam] Finally it is about time!

Thank you Mr. Cotton![thumbup]