Also, with Kathy's being in Killeen, how does that help Cove? Why not have a clinic in Cove? I think the clinic is great for what it does.. But I am not 100% sure there is a direct relation to decrease issues for strays.... I would like to see the data on that..

Doesn't emancipet in Killeen do feral cats as well? I know of a few that have been fixed there...

Just an FYI. The pets in the picture were vetted through Emancipet. They were saved through More Paws 2 Love Rescue. The low cost vetting helps local rescues keep the adoption costs down to a minimum.

Please check for the upcoming dates in January for the mobile unit.

You have the names wrong... His name is Robert Falkenstein.
Also, I thought the discussion was open and made great movement. Calling people out like this is not the way to get anything done.. People need to learn to be professional adults..

There is also a Kris Kindle Mart at the front of the PX, with the Pet Pawty on the south entrance. These both have numerous vendors and are Fri-Sat 9 - 5