JIML commented on Hug Lady dies at age 83

I just found out about this, she and her family said recently that she appreciated the community support, actually a great many of the people she hugged are all over the world right now, so she and her family have worldwide support.

I envision huge "Female Only Bonuses" in the Tanker Family's future. I wonder if that's legal?

"Build It And They Will Come."

Even more disturbing than the cuts at Fort Hood, is the high probability that at least 30% of the 3,350 Soldiers will be standing in line and begging to be released.

25 years just doesn't seem long enough.

Why don't they just post a police officer at the location 24/7 or contact the property owner?

He looks like a real winner.

It is really hard to know how to comment on this article, the loss was horrible, but the fact that the children are not forgotten is so very sweet. I am so very sorry for their loss, but so very happy that this group is able to support each other. God Bless you and yours.

She is an awesome person.