[angry]What exactly are our property taxes for if not to maintain roads and such?

Recommendation: Build walkover bridges so people don't do something ridiculous like cross highways and other busy streets. I can only think of one walkover bridge and it's on post.

Killeenborn commented on H-E-B to open third store in Killeen

ross from the mcdonalds? If so...what a ridiculous location! It is already congested in that area. How many accidents have we had already in that area from people trying to get to the mcdonalds now imagine how many more there will be by people trying to get to heb.

People need to stay out of people's lives. People are too worried about what other people are and are not doing! Snakes and insects are everywhere regardless of how tall or how short your grass is. Get over it..... live and let live!

Killeenborn commented on Ramp up recycling

I like the idea of recycling but come on get real council. We are of low income here in Texas. Cost of living is not compariable to what most make for wages. So you are needing us residents to shell out money for this recycling service, property taxes have gone up, and now you have raised th…