Mr. Hills,
Could you please provide a link with more information in the comments?
Thank you.
Dawn S.

KnittingFits commented on David Earl Wallace

We will miss looking for you sitting in your garage working on your projects.
We'll miss just stopping by because you were always fun to chat with.
We'll miss all of your holiday decorations.
We'll miss your sense of humor and quick jokes.
We'll miss YOU.
You were a …

Isn't that shopping center in Copperas Cove? #correction

OH...then I guess I misunderstood you. I thought when you said:

"I agree that NO ONE other then dis abled or someone assisting the disabled at the time, should be using an auto displaying dis-abled license plates."

I thought that meant that you thought that becaus…

That's not quite true. Yes, that teen should get their butt in a HUGE sling for parking in a handicap space, there is no reason why they shouldn't drive the vehicle. The government gives the discount to DV/handicap persons, so those are the plates on their vehicles. My husband …

I totally agree with your peeve. Those parking places are there for a reason and ONLY the authorized person should park there.
With that said, I am wondering how you know that the people that are parking there are family members and not the vets. My friend of mine is active duty and has…