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If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t excited about reading this book. I started with the synopsis on the cover — I like to know a little a…

Markeeshia Neal’s nobake cheesecake earned her the title of 2016 Chopped champion.

Only the most talented chefs can turn a bizarre mix of ingredients into a tasty appetizer, entree and dessert. That’s the challenge and appeal…


From the first chapter, when Houston airport ranger volunteer and veterinarian Dr. Stacy Broussard makes a grisly discovery, it’s clear “Deadl…

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From the opening passage, it’s clear mystery is at the heart of Beth Moore’s first novel, “The Undoing of Saint Silvanus.” It begins with a gunshot on Christmas Eve in 1921 in a church in New Orleans. Quickly jumping to the present day, that church is now a home of sorts — a collection of apartments and the holder of long-buried secrets waiting to surface.

While the weather is starting to get cooler, it’s still hot enough to enjoy a cold, refreshing dessert.


Music is a universal language. Whether instrumental or with words, and regardless of age or style, music speaks to us all. It can soothe heartache, calm rage, incite euphoria — mirror whatever emotion we feel in the moment.

School starts next week for students across Central Texas, which means it’s time to decide what to eat for lunch.

Brown bagging it at lunch time is a great way to control calories and keep more cash in my wallet. I keep on track with my diet by knowing exa…

Taking inventory of my deep freezer Saturday, I found a pork roast I’d bought on sale.

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M Clare Haefner

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On behalf of the Herald, I apologize for the misspelling. Pharrah's name will run again in the Oct. 3 edition of the Fort Hood Herald so you can save a correct copy for her baby book.